BSC Launch


Today is the launch on Binance Smart Chain!
WFDC token address: 0x63D6e1E46d3b72D2BB30D3A8D2C811cCb180Ab60
WFDC on: PancakeSwap

To swap WFDC on PancakeSwap you may need to increase slippage tolerance to 20%. This is to account for the 10% Transfer Rate.


All addresses on the WFDC Whitelist have been sent their WFDC.

The cross-chain bridge has also been launched! Go to the Bridge tab in the Dapp to swap FDC for WFDC.

The Dapp also has support for Binance Smart Chain! Switch to BSC in MetaMask to use the Bridge tab to swap WFDC for FDC.

WFDC can only be minted by locking FDC with the bridge smart contract. 1 WFDC equals 1 FDC.

The bridge uses smart contracts and FDC Nodes to handle cross chain swaps. More FDC Nodes can be added in the future to make it more scalable.

This is also the second halving of the disbursement of the circulating supply of FDC.

May 21, 2021

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