How to Collect Freedom Dividend with Etherscan


Instructions to setup and collect your Freedom Dividend

It's a 2 step process collecting your first Freedom Dividend.
1) The first collection sets up the address.
2) In 30 days the second collection distributes your first Freedom Dividend.

On Freedom Dividend collection FDC is distributed to your address.

The size of your Freedom Dividend depends on the amount of Freedom Dividend Coin at the address at the time of collection.
It also depends on the amount of Freedom Dividend Coin in the Dividend Distributor after 30 days.

Required: MetaMask
1. Go to Etherscan to interact with Freedom Dividend Coin smart contract [here]

2. On the Etherscan page click Connect to Web3

3. Click MetaMask option

4. Sign in to MetaMask on Main Ethereum Network

5. Select the address to connect and confirm
(This should be the address you plan to collect your Freedom Dividend with.
It should be the address with Freedom Dividend Coin already in it.)

6. The red dot next to Connect to Web3 should turn green and show your MetaMask address,
if this isn't the case click Connect to Web3 again and the dot should turn green and show your MetaMask address

7. Scroll down to collectFreedomDividendFromSender section in Etherscan

8. Click the Write button for collectFreedomDividendFromSender and confirm with MetaMask


TaDa! Once the transaction has succeeded, your address is now set up to collect the Freedom Dividend!

In 30 days you can come back and follow these instructions again to collect your first Freedom Dividend!

Optional: You can also use collectFreedomDividendWithAddress
instead of using collectFreedomDividendFromSender.
More info in the [Developer Documentation]