FDC to Become Governance Token Q4

Governance Token
Turning FDC into a governance token gives control and ownership to the community. The project becomes decentralized by allowing the community to have input through voting on proposals and by contributing to the project.

Proposals can be submitted by those that have 100,000 FDC or WFDC.

Anyone with FDC or WFDC tokens can vote on proposals. An example of a proposal is where the future disbursement of the remaining circulating supply goes.

This Governance token feature will launch Q4 2021. More specifics will come closer to the launch of this feature.

The project will also become open-source to allow any developers that are interested in contributing to do so. If anyone wants to contribute to the project in other ways just send a message in telegram or email. I may create a task list of specific tasks that those in the community can do to help the project.

The GitHub for the project is here.

September 17, 2021

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