Freedom Dividend Dapp v1 Launch

Today is the launch of the Dapp!


The main features are:

  • Freedom Dividend Swap v1 – A front-end for the Uniswap v2 protocol. Swap Uniswap tokens directly in the Dapp. Get 2,500 FDC tokens per swap. Has market metrics such as token data and charts. Can search tokens on Uniswap. A 0.2% swap fee is added for swaps done in Freedom Dividend Swap.
  • New Dashboard Look - A brand new dashboard look for the dapp.
  • FDC Token Rewards - There is a limited 2,500 FDC token reward for every swap done through Freedom Dividend Swap. There is over 2 million FDC in total for this reward. This reward is distributed as a part of each swap directly to the user.

Freedom Dividend Dapp works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browser on a Desktop device. MetaMask needs to be installed to swap.

Mar. 31, 2021

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