Making FDC More Decentralized

Today two steps were taken to make FDC more decentralized. I want to provide as much clarity as possible to the community.

  1. Before the launch of the FDC token, the Freedom Dividend Distributor address was created manually. Today the access to this address has been destroyed intentionally.

    This makes FDC more decentralized as only the FDC token smart contract has access to the Freedom Dividend Distributor.

  2. Second, the FDC treasury has been moved to a new address intentionally. This is because the treasury and the Freedom Dividend Distributor had the same access.

    The treasury address needed to be moved to a new address in order to destroy access to the Freedom Dividend Distributor and keep access to the treasury. This also means that next months Freedom Dividend will be larger as the 10% Transfer Rate of this treasury move was over 1.7 million FDC tokens.

I want to keep the community up to date on what happens with this project. I am excited to see this community continue to grow.

Nov. 11, 2020

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