Stimulus Round 2

Today starts round 2 of Stimulus! There is 10,000 FDC per person at over 2 million FDC total.

Go to the new Stimulus tab in the Dapp to get your 10,000 FDC!


Version 1.3 of the whitepaper has just been published that provides more clarity and details. Here is an excerpt:

  • Universal Basic Income is a great humanitarian solution. UBI that is non-inflationary is even better. This is where the Freedom Dividend comes into play. Inflation is not desirable as it leads to higher prices and a higher cost of living.

    The Freedom Dividend is a monthly dividend that goes to the community. It is non-inflationary as it is funded by a 10% Transfer Rate. Freedom Dividend Coin is the smart contract ERC-20 token that distributes the decentralized Freedom Dividend. It has a fixed supply of 25 million tokens.

    Read the full whitepaper [here]

Nov. 26, 2020

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